• Distributed authentication
  • One of most dreaded obstacles users are confronted with these days is the need to continually create new accounts for themselves at every website they come across. Logging into a website to check out it's features should be a fun process, not a chore. Forcing each visiting user to create a new account by filling out your carefully crafted registration form is tedious, boring, and repulsive. Luckily for Drupal users, there's a built in system that removes a lot of this drudgery. It's called Distributed Authentication, and it's built into the core.

    For example, on, you do not have to fill out a registration form if you are already a member of This capability is fantastic for getting users to instantaneously interact with your site if they happen to already be a member of a sister site.

  • Enabling the feature

    To enable this feature, turn on the 'drupal' module at Administer > Site Building > Modules (D5), and configure it at Administer > Site Configuration > Distributed authentication.

  • The Settings
  • Authentication service: Enabled

    Default authentication server: (the URL of the master authentication server)

    Only allow authentication from default server: Enabled